Olivia Hayle writes books made out of sugar, spice, and all things nice--with a pinch of heat, of course. 

She's been writing contemporary romance novels since 2018 and currently lives in a small, sleepy town somewhere on the East Coast.


When she’s not knee-deep in creating book boyfriends, you can find her on any of her social media platforms or with her head in a good book.


Olivia never learned to love the taste of coffee... Does she still qualify as an adult?

But she does drink copious amounts of tea. 

She knows how to juggle.

She couldn't live without her planner or her calendar, like a true organizational workaholic! 

Her closet is 50% linen clothing... it's an addiction. 

Her favorite TV-show is The Office. She's seen it from pilot to finale probably eight times. 

She loves France and speaks (rudimentary) French. 

HAYLE Publishing

1887 Whitney Mesa Dr #7302

Henderson, NV 89014