He was once the golden boy.

Now he’s an ex-Marine struggling with PTSD.

Morris was the absolute last thing I needed. He’s brooding and angsty, with commitment issues and a temper. He’s the reluctant king of this small town.

To make matters worse? He’s the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. All callused hands and cheekbones and deep-blue eyes.

I jump at the chance to work as a massage therapist at his ranch, now turned hotel. It’s a way back to my profession and I desperately need a job.

What I don’t need is Oliver Morris as my boss—a demanding boss who wears a baseball cap and a constant scowl and still manages to make my knees weak.

Oliver goes after what he wants, and somehow, that includes me. I know it’s a bad idea from the start, but there’s no possible way I can resist those eyes. Or those abs.

But it quickly turns out that I’m not the only one running from my demons.
Oliver has scars of his own, and they run far deeper than mine.

Can love heal?
There’s only one way to find out.