There's nothing worse than working with an arrogant blue blood who despises everything about me. Except getting stuck with him in the middle of nowhere.

"They’re just models. Air-headed and vain."
That’s what Rhys Marchand says the first time we meet, knowing I can overhear him.

He’s the last person I want to be paired with for this travel campaign, but unlike him, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. I don’t have a choice.

So it doesn’t matter how much we despise each other, because I’d be crazy to turn down an around-the-world job to shoot in exotic locations. Not even Rhys’s brooding will stop me.

But somewhere between the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean and the cobblestone streets of Paris, I begin to see the real him. The man who’s complicated and strong-willed, intelligent and secretive. The man who holds me tight in the back of a Jeep on a desert night.

Rhys soon learns that I’m more than I seem.
The only problem is that so is he.


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